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time   Saturday, April 27, 2019 02:36
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The Cream

The Cream is actually a slang term provided by Victor Conte for a designer steroid that is transdermal. The Cream contains epitestosterone and testosterone and it was developed by BALCO to prevent any detections on drug tests. Testosterone is an anabolic steroid but epitestosterone is considered an inactive epimer of your parent hormone. However, epitestosterone was included in the product together with testosterone for sole reason that it helps beat any doping tests that are based on the ratio between those two ingredients.androgel bottles

On tests

Generally, half of epitestosterone's production occurs in the testes of the human male. The rest of it is produced through other means. There is also a 1:1 ratio between the normal epitestosterone and testosterone ratio and both of them can be tested on any test for doping control. Higher testosterone levels in that ratio raises a red flag in doping control tests. For instance, a result of 4:1 at the Tour de France means you are breaking the rules, while the NFL considers 6:1 bad.

Got a test coming up?

Using The Cream can help those athletes pass any doping test and it is known that they can use as much as any usual drug that is testosterone based and still get good results. The product is most valuable to athletes who need to go through drug testing every now and then. Athletes like Gary Sheffield and Barry Bonds have reportedly used the product and they shared that they experienced a boost in their muscle mass, ability to recover, and strength levels. The good side is, they were not caught.

Not just for athletes

But The Cream is not just restricted to athletes. Even recreational body builders can benefit from using it. However, if you are not a professional body builder or athlete, it is advisable not to use the product anymore. For one, it is rather expensive. Furthermore, it is also incapable of producing very high levels of testosterone compared to a typical testosterone injection. If you are not really subject to any tests in your athletic career, it is also advisable not to use this product anymore because you can turn to others instead. If you want to find out about other alternatives to The Cream, start exploring SteroidSources.Com today.

Learn more about steroids

Browse SteroidSources.Com for any information you wish to learn about steroids: their benefits, where to buy them, side effects, and more. It is the goal of our website to help you make a better and informed decision in buying steroids. That way, you can determine which one is right for you and which one can be beneficial for your body building or athletic career. Explore our website more for a comprehensive list of steroids that are available in the market today.