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time   Friday, March 15, 2019 10:01
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The Clear

Otherwise known as tetrahydrogestrinone, The Clear is another anabolic steroid that has an affinity to your progesterone receptor as well as your androgen receptor. The Clear does not have any affinity to your estrogen receptor and it is also referred to as a designer drug. Basically, it is almost related to the various anabolic steroids that have been banned by the Food and Drug Administration such as trenbolone and gestrinone. At the closing of the year 2003, the FDA decided to ban tetrahydrogestrinone as well.

Made for athletes
tetrahydrogestrinone chemical
Compared to other anabolic steroids, The Clear is meant to be used by athletes who want to beat the doping tests in their respective sports. It is a actually a cross between trenbolone and gestrinone and its chemical composition is from other steroids that have already been banned. Patrick Arnold is a chemist who is credited for creating tetrahydrogenstrinone using gestrinone's catalytic hydrogenation to prevent any obvious detections. Together with Victor Conte, they were identified as sources for this anabolic steroid.


These steroids were primarily distributed to a lot of top athletes participating in different sports in the European and American sports industry. Compared to other illicit steroids that were initially used by these athletes, tetrahydrogestrinone was never medically approved nor sold commercially. However, athletes who wanted to use steroids to improve their performance turned to using this form of anabolic steroids because it is undetectable in urine tests.


However, an anonymous informer mailed a sample of The Clear to a laboratory in Los Angeles. This allowed the structure of the steroids to be determined and they were also able to come up with a method for detection during tests. Since then, it has been banned for athletes in a competition. But although undetectable, remember that these steroids may provide physiological changes in your body because of their composition.

Side effects

As a designer steroid, users of The Clear are advised to go through meticulous testing to determine side effects that may be as bad as jaundice, heart disease, liver damage, aggression, paranoia, mood disorders, infertility, growing breast tissue for males, baldness, increased body and facial hair for women, deepening of the voice, damage to the fetus, menstrual problems, and enlargement of the clitoris.

More information

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