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time   Saturday, March 16, 2019 05:43
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There are two types of testoviron available in the market. One is testoviron enanthate, which is a testosterone with the enanthate ester attached to it, while the other type is a combination of the testosterone propionate and testosterone enanthate. Here are some of the characteristics of each to help you distinguish and choose between the two.

Testoviron enanthateTestoviron steroid bottle

Most people prefer calling this steroid testosterone enanthate to avoid confusion. In any case, this steroid carries the ester enanthate, which is the longest ester used for testosterone steroids. Esters determine the period of time that the steroid lingers in the body before it is entirely disposed of. Having the longest ester, testoviron stays for the longest time within your body. As such, you will not need to administer it frequently. The recommended dosage is usually once every seven days but if you want faster results you can take it more frequently than that.

The long ester component of this steroid also has its side effects. It is known to cause a lot of bloating to users and can be harmful to the liver, since it takes a lot of time to dispose of. There are also higher chances of developing tissues around breast or what is known as gynecomastia.

The other testoviron

The other known form of this steroid is the combination of testosterone propionate and testosterone enanthate. These two are combined in the same quantities to produce the said steroid. This steroid has a number of advantages over the other with the same testosterone base. Having both propionate and enanthate esters, this steroid has both a short but quick acting component and a long acting one. Simply put, you get the advantages of both testosterone propionate and testosterone enanthate in one drug.

As a result of its propionate component, this steroid is generally fast-acting so you get result but because of the long ester of enanthate, you also get a long-lasting effect. So you would still have testosterone in you body after testosterone propionate lost effect.

However, still because of its testosterone propionate component, this steroid has to be administered frequently.

Choosing the right steroids for you

These two types of testoviron are not the only types of steroids available. Though you cannot generally acquire steroids over-the-counter, these are available online through websites selling legal steroids. Practice caution when buying steroids online as some sites maybe selling fake steroids. Buy only from reliable sources. Steroid Sources can give you helpful tips on how to identify reputable sellers to ensure a secured online shopping experience. We also provide free information about steroids to help you with your cycles. Explore our website now and start achieving your dream body.