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time   Saturday, March 16, 2019 06:08
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Testosterone Propionate

If you want big muscles fast, your choice should be testosterone propionate. This is the steroid of choice for most people because it has been proven to provide fast results with the least side-effects. It is also low in toxicity and is not hard on the liver.

Faster resultstestosterone propionate bottle

Most people who use testosterone propionate report that they see results as soon as four days from the first time they take it. The faster results delivered by this steroid are due to the fact that it contains more steroid and less ester. Testosterone propionate has the shortest ester among all testosterone steroids. This is significant since a shorter ester means more steroid is available for the body to absorb.

Less side effects

A lot of people who have tried different types of testosterone steroids claim that testosterone propionate has the least side-effects. The period it takes for it to clear away from the body once the user stops using it is also generally shorter than with the other testosterone steroids. Aside from having the least side-effects, it also results to less bloating as observed by its users.

The downside

However, there is a downside to it. Steroids with shorter esters need to be taken more regularly. In the case of testosterone propionate, it needs to be taken almost every other day as compared to testosterone cypionate (one with a longer ester) which needs to be taken only once a week.

As such, use of this steroid can be problematic to people who do not like injections. This steroid is administered to the body through injections and taking it every other day means injecting yourself that often. Likewise some users report that injecting this steroid is somewhat painful and that there is observable swelling in the part where it was introduced.

Using it to your advantage

You take advantage of the fast results that testosterone propionate and at the same time saving yourself from a lot pain. You can use this steroid at the beginning of your cycle until you get the desired results and then switch to a steroid with a longer ester to avoid frequent injections.

Buying steroids

Steroids are hard to come by nowadays because these are not readily available over the counter. Online, however, there are a lot of sites selling legal steroids but not all of these can be trusted. Steroid Sources is a reliable website that can give you helpful tips on how to identify reputable and legal online distributors. We also offer information on steroid cycles and the proper use of various steroids available in the market today. Browse further into this website today to learn more.