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Steroid medications are synthetic lipids that are designed to mirror those secreted by the adrenal cortex, gonads, and placenta and derived from cholesterol. Most commonly, they are synthetic testosterone derivatives that aid in bone and muscle growth. Their androgenic effects include increased facial and body hair, voice deepening, and acne, while the anabolic effects of steroid medications consist of virility, vitality, increased levels of strength, increased muscle size, and enhanced muscle recovery. But while steroids include a wide range of subgroups, the term is most popularly used to refer to just one subgroup, anabolic steroids. As such, when people talk about controversies surrounding the use of steroids in the fields of athletics and bodybuilding, they are just referring to anabolic steroids and not all kinds of steroids.
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How do they work?

Using steroids increases the body's levels of testosterone by bypassing normal pathways involved in testosterone synthesis, giving the bloodstream a direct dose of testosterone. Just what androgenic and anabolic effects are felt greatly depend on the steroid medication being used. It is also important to note that the increased testosterone levels in the body did not cause these effects to happen. Rather, the increased levels amplify whatever effects testosterone already has on the body. While using steroids entail both androgenic and anabolic effects to be felt, anabolic steroids are engineered, chemically-altered testosterone versions that have been made to maximize on anabolic effects while androgenic effects are kept to a minimum. However, no matter how pure steroids are, none have been made to perfectly eliminate harmful side effects.

Possible benefits and side effects of using steroids

Some of the benefits associated with using steroids are to increase muscle strength and size, speed up recovery times, increase energy levels for longer workouts, and increase the oxidation rate of fats for greater fat loss. On the other hand, fairly common side effects of using steroids include sodium retention, gynecomastia (breast enlargement in males), aggression, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, enlarged hearts, palpitations, cancer, decreased blood clots, anxiety, headaches, depression, impotence, jaundice, stomach aches, tears in muscles, enlarged prostates, stunted growth, premature hair loss, weakening of the immune system, sterility, insomnia, and even anaphylactic shock.

Using steroids

Most people have heard of steroid medications but not everybody understands what they are exactly used for and what kinds are available. SteroidSources.Com helps clear the air by providing you with all the information you need relating to the use of steroids. We also give information on a range of top-quality steroids that are safe and legal to use to address any needs you might have.

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