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Steroid Horomone

A steroid hormone is essentially a steroid acting like a hormone. The steroid hormone is used for a variety of purposes and it works by causing changes in the cell’s function when it passes through its membrane. Unlike non-steroid hormones, steroid hormones are fat soluble so they are able to penetrate the cell membrane. Once they are inside a cell, they bind with receptors found within the cytoplasm and travel to the nucleus to bind with the chromatin receptor. They will then produce mRNA through transcription and they are modified and transferred to the cytoplasm. This is where mRNA molecules produce proteins through translation processes.body builder steroid hormones

The anabolic steroid

An anabolic steroid hormone is a synthetic element related to male sex hormones. It has the same mechanism in the human body as the hormone it mirrors and works by stimulating protein production to build muscle. This is one reason why anabolic steroids are used by athletes and body builders to obtain bulkier and bigger physiques, which they believe can help them perform better in various sports and weight lifting.

Increasing testosterone levels

Anabolic steroids also increase testosterone production. Basically, testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for male reproductive organ development and for obtaining male sex characteristics. Testosterone is also important for developing lean muscle mass. Aside from that, anabolic steroid hormones are also used for growth enhancement, particularly in skeletal growth.

For animals, too

The steroid hormone is also approved for use in low concentrations so animals like cattle can gain weight and improve the efficiency of their feeding. It has also been proven to be safe and has no adverse effects on humans once they eat the animal or anything that comes from the animal. However, take note that steroid hormones are not yet approved to be used for poultry. Steroid hormones for humans are available with a doctor's prescription but for livestock purposes, they can generally be purchased over-the-counter in the United States.

Things to remember

The steroid hormone may be useful by body builders, fitness buffs, and athletes who want to improve their performance. But keep in mind that misusing steroids generally impose health risks with undesirable consequences. Some of these involve liver problems, acne, high cholesterol, hair loss, jaundice, insomnia, hypertension, fertility problems, and menstrual irregularities for females, irritability, increased aggression, depression, and more. Taking steroids should be under the supervision of a qualified physician or health expert.

Find out more

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