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time   Saturday, March 16, 2019 06:09
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Oral Steroid

Mention the word steroid to anyone and you easily get a negative reaction. Steroids are commonly thought to have negative effects on the person taking the pill, especially since steroids have been banned in some countries. But if they are used properly, they can actually help treat a wide range of physical conditions. Steroids can be injected, but you can also ask for an oral steroid from your physician.

Usesoral steroids bottle

Oral steroid can be used to treat skin diseases, back pain, and even asthma. Steroids currently have two classifications: anabolic (which is illegal) and corticosteroids (which is clinical in nature).

Most oral steroids are classified as corticosteroids – they are mainly used by doctors to treat a wide range of diseases. Corticosteroids are sometimes known as anti-inflammatory drugs and works internally in the body.


As mentioned, steroids can be injected through intra-muscular (IM) means or they can be taken orally. Dermatologists often prescribe a specific kind of steroid known as cortisone, which is used to treat severe rashes and even lupus. Other oral steroids can also be prescribed to treat asthma.

Side effects

It is important to note that oral steroids should be used on the short term. Steroids should be taken not more than four weeks. The doctor usually prescribes the drug for just one to two weeks.

Significant effects of oral steroids include acne, change in behavior, and stomach ulcers, among others. Hence, it is important that oral steroids should be used under the proper guidance of a doctor and should not be taken unprescribed.

Things to remember

Steroids should not be taken in large doses, even when used as medication. They should not be taken for more than four weeks straight because this might result in the shrinking of adrenal glands and can cause serious side effects like heart diseases and even cancer. Steroids are also believe to disrupt a woman’s menstrual cycle and is dangerous for pregnant women.

If you are taking an oral steroid for clinical use, you should not discontinue intake suddenly but should withdraw from the drug gradually.

Steroid source

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