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time   Saturday, April 27, 2019 08:41
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Equipoise: The Safer Way of Steroid Use

Equipoise is the brand name whose main chemical content is boldenone undecylenate. It bears and is a registered trademark of Wyeth Holdings Corporation, one of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies in United States of America.

Equipoise is an anabolic steroid and, as what has been said earlier, has boldenone as its most potent component. The function of the drug can be best described by the activity of boldenone upon metabolism of the body. Wikipedia reports that boldenone is mainly anabolic in characteristic, with least androgenic properties. For ordinary people, anabolic means that it has more potency in developing muscles and make the body more conducive for increase in weight; when it is said that it has less androgenic properties, it means that Equipoise is not likely to produce and improve masculine characteristics like stronger cardiovascular attributes and endurance. That’s why Boldenone is more often used together with other more potent sources of testosterone, which is known as steroid stack, in order to get the results as desired or depending on weight management program followed which would be discussed later. equipoise steroids
Boldenone enhances the retention of nitrogen in the muscles, which would encourage muscle formation. It also hastens protein buildup in the body, with an accompanying perceptible increase in appetite. It also appears to have a resemblance in potency to that of nandrolone, another type of steroid. Nandrolone has desirable results in that its effects on skin, scalp and prostrate are slightly lesser than other more potent drugs. Effectively, nandrolone is the steroid of choice for people who are particular on these things.

Nandrolone is a good androgenic substance for muscle tissues because it is more effective in binding to them compared to that of testosterone. However, it only provides as low as fifty percent or less than half for muscle-forming per milligram. It is in this respect that boldenone mimics that of nandrolone, except that boldenone is less to be converted to estrogen than nandrolone. This is a matter of major importance because the conversion of estrogen would mean that it has the possibility to decrease sexual drive among male users, although the effects would vary from an individual to another. Boldenone eliminates this problem; it is slight estrogenic.

One important fact about steroids that users should know is the word aromatization. Aromatization is the process of a steroid to being converted to estrogen. It is said that boldenone has a low probability for being aromatized. For the user, this is of great advantage for some of the steroid have greater aromatization rate (boldenone has 50% rate for the process of aromatization). On account of this property, boldenone is less like to produce water retention or the bloating of muscles that would appear like fat. What’s even better is that the side effects of Equipoise are not serious, and are considered mild in some respect.

As what has been mentioned earlier, boldenone is used a supplement to other more potent testosterone sources. This is so for the reason that it is a high favorite for adding strength and size. It is for this reason that boldenone enjoys more popularity than nandrolone.

Equipoise has a very versatile function as a steroid. It can be used for bulking up or building muscles. If it is taken with a more potent bulking up steroid, such as in combination with Anadrol (oxymetholone) or Sustanon which is an injectable anabolic steroid, boldenone can eliminate the side effects of using androgen of higher doses and can expedite the bulking of the muscles. It can also lead to an increase in strength as well as supplementing the increase of the body weight with vascularity, or the strength of cardiovascular portion of the human body.
Equipoise can also be used as a cutting steroid. Cutting steroids are used when users are in between cycles of steroid usage, or when they want to maintain the gain they had each time they stop for training in one cycle. It can be used as a stack in addition to Winstrol or other androgens like Halotestin or Proviron. This practice is not followed in the present. The resulting estrogenic characteristic of boldenone, which is lesser, compared to other androgens, is enough to discourage users from using Equipoise in cutting cycle and instead use it exclusively for bulking up. This does not negate the versatility of Equipoise however.
Equipoise should not be perceived to be quick in giving body mass building. It is effective in a sustainable manner that it delivers its results and in weight management program that would last for longer period.

Common dosage of Equipoise ranges from 200 mg to 400 mg per week. It has a long retention in the body fluid, which would range about half to one year and a half year. It is traceable in urine tests months after the user has stop taking it.