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time   Saturday, March 16, 2019 06:12
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D Bol Steroid

Recognized as the second anabolic produced in the industry, D Bol steroid was developed several years after testosterone was discovered in 1900. The D Bol steroid is the brainchild of Dr. John Zeigler who once worked with a weightlifting team from the United States. He initiated a project with Ciba to develop an anabolic that can equate the testosterone steroids being used by the Russian athletes way back in 1953. Finally, in 1956, Dianabol was introduced. dbol steroids

Dianabol is the name

D Bol steroid is actually short for the name Dianabol, which is the primary trade name for Ciba's methandorostenolone. Athletes began to refer to it as “D Bol” for short. Originally, the package instructed them to take it in 10-milligram doses everyday so their androgen levels can be replaced. As for Dr. Zeigler, he recommended them to take around 5mg to 10mg a day—the dosage that bodybuilders are taking until the 1970's. That dosage was dubbed “Zane's Dose” or “Arnold's dose” while added with testosterone.

What exactly is D Bol?

First of all, Dianabol is usually bought either in pill form or as an injectable. As an injectable, it also contains essential B vitamins. Generally, D Bol is known as a 17aa steroid. This simply means that it is altered in its 17th carbon position so it can survive even if it passes through your liver and then make it to your bloodstream. When taking it, you'll experience an increase in your blood pressure. Also, remember that it is toxic to the liver so make sure that you exercise caution when using D Bol.

More characteristics

Like any other 17aa, the D Bol steroid binds weakly to your androgen receptor. Therefore, expect that majority of its effects are not mediated by your receptor. Rather, it is believed to work based on other mechanisms like protein synthesis influenced by your muscle tissue that has high levels of nitrogen. Still, it is stronger compared to the A50 in the sense that it provides more gains. It is also not as toxic as the latter.

Jumpstarting and bridging cycles

When taken at any point in your cycle, the D Bol steroid can provide you with gains. However, it is commonly used as a jumpstart to gains or for bridging gaps between cycles just so you can maintain them. Just make sure that you know how to use it safely and correctly so you can avoid severe side effects that can affect your career as an athlete or bodybuilder. If you are new to Dianabol, make sure that you read more about it here in SteroidSources.Com.

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