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Buy Anadrol

Anadrol is one of the more popular anabolic steroids available in the market today and is commonly used by those who want to gain more weight and increase muscle mass in the process. Before you decide to buy Anadrol, it is important to note that just because it is effective for many people doesn't necessarily mean that it will work the same way on your body. For one, depending on your body type, you may end up experiencing more pronounced side effects from the use of this drug. It's best to arm yourself with the right kind of information on this medication and how to use it so you can minimize the potential health risks associated with its use. buy anadrol

About Anadrol

Anadrol is Oxymetholone – an anabolic steroid that was developed in 1960 by a Mexican pharmaceutical company called Syntex. Originally, those who are advised to buy Anadrol were those who are suffering from certain health conditions such as anemia and osteoporosis. Aside from these two conditions, Anadrol is also an FDA-approved medication for the HIV wasting syndrome – a condition that can lead to AIDS and that which causes the immune system to fail leaving the body vulnerable to other types of virus attacks and infections.

But other than its uses in mainstream medicine, many people choose to buy steroids these days to supplement bodybuilding efforts. It is considered the strongest androgenic steroid available today. It is proven effective in gaining body mass by working to promote protein synthesis. The drug is also used to protect joints when carrying heavy loads as its is capable of causing high water retention which lubricates these areas. According to most bodybuilders who buy steroids, a twenty-pound weight increase is experienced within two weeks of regular intake of this drug.

Side effects

Anadrol is usually taken within a steroid cycle to minimize the side effects associated with long-term intake. However, even those who take it over a shorter time are still bound to experience adverse effects such as nausea, bloating and acne. Development of secondary male sex characteristics – i.e deepening of the voice and development of facial hair – is also common. The higher levels of estrogen that the drug causes can also increase the risk of developing gynaecomastia or breast enlargement.

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