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Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Anavar (oxandrolone) is a mild anabolic, not very toxic, and gentle on the Hypothalamic-Testicular-Pituitary-Axis (HPTA) of the body. However, because it is mild, higher amounts of Anavar (oxandrolone) are needed for each dose. It is formulated to survive being ingested orally and proceeds for a first pass through the liver, and doesn't appear to cause serious hepatotoxic effects. Because studies show that oxandrolone heals cutaneous woundsAnavar Steroids Pill Package and improves respiratory functions, this makes it a great choice for boxers and mixed martial arts fighters during in-seasons. It has an active life of 8 to 12 hours and can be detected in your system for up to three weeks. Effective doses in men are at 20 to 100mg per day (or .125mg per kilogram of bodyweight) while women need about 2.5 to 20 mg per day.

Fat loss and anavar

A study has shown that Anavar steroids (oxandrolone) has fat-burning properties, resulting in reduction in visceral and abdominal fats. In another study, trunk, total, and appendicular fats were reduced without exercise just by taking a dose of 20mgs per day. However, any weight gained, as well as fat lost, are nearly permanent. All studies done are without any changes in training or diet and without post-cycle therapy. Although the studies used both elderly and young men, some evidence also suggests that many of oxandrolone's effects are not dependent on age. Because of its fat-burning properties, many turn to oxandrolone as a choice for “spring-cutting” cycles. Use oxandrolone until summer starts to look beach-ready and then keep the fat off for the entire duration of the season.


The Anavar (oxandrolone) is ideal for use as a bridge between cycles although it can be used as a cycle in itself. It is best for cutting and building strength but not necessarily well-built for bulking or if you have intentions of gaining weight. After all, it causes little to zero water retention. Water-retentive steroids are the ones best for weight gains. You keep any weight you gain because of the low impact oxandrolone has on the HPTA.

Steroids for you

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