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Anabolics are probably the most popular types of steroids that bodybuilders use to increase muscle mass and attain an improved performance. Not only are they used by professionals but also by ordinary individuals as well. After all, the aim of attaining a perfectly sculpted body is not limited to those who work to compete in sports events and other similar contests. One may probably call it vanity but on second thought, hardly will you find a person who wouldn't want to look physically attractive. There are just those who are willing to exert the extra effort for this aim.
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By definition

Anabolic steroids are types of steroid hormones that are associated with testosterone – a naturally occurring body hormone. These steroids work to enhance protein synthesis in the muscles thereby helping to increase muscle mass and, in most cases, even the individual's virility. Anabolic steroids are normally associated with the regulation of masculine characteristics such as the development of vocal chords (causing men to have a deeper voice quality than ladies) and the growth of body hair. You will find that these are also common side effects to using anabolic steroids so this mode of treatment is not always advisable for females.

Adverse effects

There are many reported negative side effects that are associated with using anabolics. Before you decide to use this to supplement your bodybuilding efforts, you will want to learn more about these adverse effects so you'll be able to anticipate them and do something to keep them to a minimum. Aside from developing secondary male sex characteristics – deeper voice, increased hair growth and such – users are also prone to hypertension. If you already have high blood pressure, you will want to reconsider on your decision to go for this treatment type. Anabolic steroids can also cause an increase in cholesterol levels which in turn enhances the risk for acquiring cardiovascular disorders. The structure of the heart can also be altered with the use of anabolics. Reports show that these medications can cause an enlargement in the ventricle which causes problems in contraction and relaxation.

Learn more about anabolic steroids before using them by browsing further into this website. Here at Steroid Sources, we bring you updated information on various types of steroids to give you proper heads-up on what to expect from your performance enhancers. While we do not condone the excessive use of steroids in bodybuilding, we are committed to helping consumers find accurate and reliable data on steroids so that health risks are kept to a minimum.