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time   Wednesday, March 23, 2016 04:34
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Women plus Steroids equals Awesome Body Image

The use of steroids in girls has already soared to nearly 200,000 in United States. Hence, it is also presumed that almost 500,000 to 600,000 American teenagers in U.S. have taken anabolic steroids according to one feature of Times Online last year, 2007.
female body builder
The number of women taking anabolic steroids shows a rapid expand. Presumably, this occurred because of the want of females to sculpt their physique into “perfection.” The Centers for Disease and Control in US has also indicated that seven out of 10 percent of high school girls have used steroids to become stronger as they attain muscular bodies in the process.
Steroids Common to Prominent Women Personalities As Well

According to Peter J. Lee, an expert author, research has shown that steroids effectively help in building muscles for both sexes—male and female. At the same time, steroids help in enhancing muscle growth rapidly too. For this reason, prominent women personalities are also enticed to use steroids to vitally achieve and maintain their gorgeous body image. One of these prominent women is Madonna, the unfading pop star. Surely, anyone who thinks of Madonna recalls the beautiful shapes of her muscular body, her biceps more specifically—a beautiful sexy lass with muscles. Another prominent personality to use steroids is Marion Jones, the track and field athlete, also called as the fastest woman on earth at the present time.

AAS Otherwise Known as Anabolic Steroid

Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), which is more familiar as anabolic steroids are a kind of medicine that are closely associated to male testosterone. presented a feature that says the entire sex hormones are called steroids; and androgens or anabolic steroids are usually termed as “male” hormones.

Steroids are drugs and can therefore be legally taken by someone with a prescription. Normally, steroids are prescribed by physicians to men who are incapable to produce enough hormone testosterone, to people who are experiencing anemia, or as a medicine to significantly lessen swelling as stated in the feature.

The Wonder of Steroids to Women’s Body

According to Richard A. Strauss, M.D., from Ohio State University College of Medicine, woman who takes steroids can experience a boost in muscle definition, weight, muscle mass, and strength. The training she undergone can become more effective because she will also attain an enhancement in her recovery rate. Overall, steroids can develop masculine characteristics into a woman.

Because of the aid of steroids, bodybuilding today is not solely limited to men. This sport has been amazingly explored by women as well. Through the use of steroids, women were able to build their muscle as men do—vigor is included.

However, the featured that women who do not want to get a masculine look can also use steroids, clenbuteral specifically, to achieve a lean and sexy body.

 The Product of Steroids
Included in the feature presented on is the claim that most women who have taken steroids achieve a fulfilling self-image. These women are said to have an increase sex appeal and attractiveness. Along with this, women who are taking steroids apparently achieve marvelous benefits on performance enhancement as well. This is the very reason why women who joins bodybuilding competition resort to the use of steroids. Apparently, steroids have fused feminism and masculinity to women who are into the trend of bodybuilding.

Proper Usage of Steroids: A Must

Essentially, it will always be best for women to work with a physician before taking steroids. also featured that through this, crucial safeguards can properly be observed by a credible person. The appropriate testing can also be done by a physician. This test will certainly help a lot to monitor the bodily status of the person taking steroids the moment changes begin to happen. More importantly, this test is also said to serve as a marking of the ideal points of return when steroid is desired to be discontinued.

Through the aid of the physician, acquiring a checklist for proper administration is also possible. Ideally, women who plan to take steroids are advised to resort to Primobolans, Winstrol, Nolvadex, Nandrolones, and synthetic growth hormone. These are the best anabolic steroids that can be used by women. Doing this will certainly ensure satisfying and safe steroid intakes.