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What kind of clutter is in your life?

Q&A | August 18th, 2008 No comments

Clutter comes in all shapes and sizes. Crammed cupboards, packed schedules, messy mental notes. If it weighs you down, tame it with the principles of tidy. Today’s question is inspired by a master of simplicity, Erin Doland, Editor-in-Chief of Unclutterer, who knows just how to put things in their place….’cause there’s a place for everything.

Carrie says: Head clutter, crowded thoughts. Because I’ve got so much of it, I’m always clearing my physical surroundings so I can think. Clear surfaces give me the space to move forward.

Danielle says: I’m happy to report that after a summer of ruthless stuff-purging (praise be to Craigslist,) and deeper personal prioritizing, I am cruising in the clutter-free lane right now.

Erin says: I’m currently struggling with schedule clutter. I have said “yes” to too many things that aren’t really important to me, and it’s time for me to re-evaluate my commitments. I go through cycles: I clear my schedule of the extraneous, then non-essential items slowly creep back into the mix, and then I need to clear my schedule again. Two or three times a year I find myself in the place I am right now, and it’s more stress than I like to carry. Over the next couple weeks, I will need to delegate, decline, and dismiss the non-essential tasks from my schedule so that I can return to a place where I can focus on what matters most to me. When I’m pulled in too many directions, nothing is done well.

Get inspired to simplify – and keep it that way. Read our interview with the master Unclutterer, Erin Doland.

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