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Want Some Trendy Wedding Gift Ideas For Trendy Couples?

Entertaining, Home & Garden, Wedding | December 9th, 2009 1 Comment

Many people in the world today take pride in being trendy. They have the most up-to-date wardrobe that changes every season. They also have clothes from designer labels that are the hot favorite of the season. All their accessories, including shoes, bags, wallets and jewelry are amongst the most fashionable items of the season. They visit trendy restaurants and clubs. They have memberships in trendy health and fitness clubs and even their gym or sports clothes are amongst the trendiest. Thinking up wedding gift ideas for trendy couples can be easy and difficult at the same time. Here’s why-

If you buy something that is highly fashionable and trendy at the moment, chances are that those items would be outdated by the next season. If you choose to buy something that goes beyond today’s fashion trends, then your gift may not be considered trendy enough and may end up being relegated to the back of the cupboard. So, how do you come up with wedding gift ideas that will make the best impression on a trendy couple?

One of the best wedding gift suggestions for a trendy couple is a gift voucher from a trendy and fashionable store. You can chose between a clothes store, shoe store, accessories store or even a health store. On the other hand, you can give them a gift voucher of a trendy up-market store that houses a large selection of a number of designer items. This way, the couple can shop for any item they want and you don’t have to guess what they may like or not.

Another wedding gift suggestion for the trendy couple is to gift them something that is timeless. A beautiful vintage or classic item would do the trick. Strange as it may sound, vintage items are always considered trendy. For that matter, even rare items are considered trendy at all times. So, if you can get your hands on anything that is considered to be rare or precious, it would make the perfect wedding gift for a trendy couple.

The next best suggestion for a unique wedding gift for a trendy couple is highly personalized items. Any item takes on a different meaning and significance, once it is personalized. Similarly, it does not go out of fashion as quickly as other items. So, for instance, if the couple in question loves their alcohol, you could give them a set of bar crystals i.e. martini glasses, champagne flutes, margarita glasses, etc. with their names and wedding date etched into it. This would make a very unique wedding gift for the couple and they are likely to display and cherish the bar ware for a long time to come.

Finally, one of the best wedding gifts you can give a trendy couple is a gift you make yourself. You could write a poem, paint a portrait, make a blown glass souvenir, stitch up a quilt or any make any other item yourself. Your personal skill will make it unique and your creativity will make it trendy.

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