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Unique wedding gifts for couple over 50

Wealth | January 14th, 2010 No comments

Marriage is said to be made in heaven and weddings on earth. Just like love, there is no age bar for marriage either. After all, marriage is all about union of two souls who want to their life together. It is a sheer joy to see and older couple getting married. At an age round 50, the couple is more seasoned and well-settled in life. In all probability, the wedding day would be a very intimate ceremony with just the close family and friends invited. If you are one of the invitees, your sole aim should be to make the couple feel like the ‘best couple in the world’. Thinking of unique wedding gifts for couples over 50 might seem like a hard task, but come to think of it, it isn’t.

One of those wedding present ideas that will never go out-of fashion is a wine bottle. You can get them a generous number of wine bottles. You can consult the wine expert at the wine store and ask them for the best of the collections. You can get them 2-3 of them and mention a note asking them to open the second one on their first anniversary and the third one on their next. This will go well the adage, older the better.

Another one of awesome wedding gift ideas for an old couple is give them a gift voucher for spa and massage treatment. Having the slightly rusty machine oiled is always a great wedding present idea. Nowadays, spa’s offer couple treatments wherein the couple will be given similar looking bathrobes, single changing room and beds right next to each other. A room will be entirely booked for the couple and romantic music will be played in the background. You can also jazz up the place by adding a bottle of Champaign. This sounds like an awesome wedding gift idea.

Even membership to the gym or yoga class is a great idea. Whatever the gift is, making sure that the couple spends as much as time together is the key.   Booking a fine restaurant for dinner and keeping a reservation for the couple for six months is a great wedding present idea. Make sure you do your homework and select a cuisine that they both like. Always ensure to lighten up the mood of the place with live music and dance.

Other gifts will include something for the couple’s house. Sometimes, chances are that they would still be using their old Television set or music system. Revamp their life by gifting them a good music set or an LCD. You could also gift them a huge collection of old movies that reminds them of their hey-days and re-kindles the romantic person in them.

If the couple loves to travel, you can plan out and gift a destination your to a place of their choice. The trip should include fun activities, besides visiting places. You can also plan out their honey-moon or sponsor their first night stay.

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