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Top 20 yoga magazines

Healing, Health & Wellness, Yoga | November 12th, 2009 2 Comments

Yoga is a great way to get in shape and be mentally and physically fit. You get the maximum benefit, yoga should be done right and yoga magazines will be of great help. Some of these magazines are free too and all you need to do is subscribe them and they will be sent to you regularly.

  1. Yoga magazine is available at www.yogamag.net is an online magazine which has a lot of articles and all the information you will need about yoga.
  1. LA Yoga is a very informative yoga magazine which gets released in a bimonthly basis.
  1. Fit Yoga Magazine is one that has yoga for the modern stressed out crowd. Reading this online magazine will change the way you look at life.
  1. At www.yogamagazine.net, you will find information on every little detail involving yoga. In addition to this, you will also find reviews on yoga books and yoga retreats that you can visit on holidays.
  1. The yoga magazine from the Himalayan institute is another popular magazine called as yoga plus. You will find yoga tips, ways of perfecting your asanas, tips to choose yoga mats, clothing, etc.
  1. In the www.nyyogamagazine.com you will find a guide if you are looking for yoga destinations.
  1. Australian yoga magazine can be found at www.ayl.com is an excellent yoga guide for Australians as it tells about yoga teachers, yoga schools, products, yoga books, etc. in Australia.
  1. You will find the Integral Yoga Magazine at www.iymagazine.org. This magazine is a treasury of Sri Swami Satchidananda’s teachings.
  1. Ascent Magazine is yet another popular magazine which brings the best of yoga to you.
  1. Play Yoga Magazine is yet another online magazine which is making a big mark in the yoga world.
  1. The Malaysian online magazine www.yogalifemagazine.net is another magazine to turn to for yoga advice in.
  1. At www.yogamovement.com, you will find everything you will need to practice safe yoga and yoga events.
  2. Yoga Sudha is a monthly magazine of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Prakashan which is very helpful for those who want to take up courses in yoga.
  1. Yogalivingmagazine.com aims at providing all information one will need about yoga to make their lifestyle a healthy one.
  1. Clarity Magazine can be checked at www.anandaclaritymagazine.com. Experts have written articles here which will help you know yoga and its philosophies better.
  1. Echo media brings a yoga magazine which comes as a glossy magazine. In addition to yoga, it also has fashion, healthy lifestyle and yoga tips.
  1. www.yogaandhealthmag,co.uk is a UK based online yoga magazine. The issue is monthly and will give you fresh, tried and tested techniques that you can master each month.
  1. http://www.yogavision.net/pubs/mag.htm is a bimonthly magazine by Sivananda Math and is put together for those who seek a healthy, peaceful life.
  2. www.yogitimes.com is yet another yoga magazine for the modern yoga practitioner. This is a complete magazine which will tell you all about making yoga a part of your life.
  1. www.yogajournal.com has everything from poses to breathing to meditation and will be a great guide to a good health.

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