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Budget planning

Top 10 Financial Budget Web Sites

Budget planning, Internet Content, Money, Technology, Tools for budgeting, Wealth | February 27th, 2010 1 Comment

The Internet is a vast landscape of personal finance tools and information. If you don’t know where to go, all that information can blur into one incomprehensible buzz. In order to help you find your fiscal way, we’ve organized a list of the top 10 financial budget web sites. This top 10 financial budget web sites list comprises a few of the best online budgeting software suites, some extremely useful personal finance blogs and some sources for insightful tips on using credit cards. This top 10 financial budget web sites list is by no means comprehensive, but it should give you a good starting point for building your own list of favorite financial budget sites.

Top 4 Online Budgeting Software

This first section in our top 10 financial budget websites list deals with online budgeting software. These tools help you organize your transactions by automatically downloading your data and displaying it to you in an easy-to-read format. You can then set budgets and learn ways to cut your overall expenses.

  1. Mint.com – A great graphical interface, very easy to use with helpful offers on ways to save.
  2. JustThrive.com – Another top contender for an online budgeting tool. Good graphics and slick design, plus some nice tips for helping you organize your finances.
  3. Wesabe.com – A good tool for saving with more of a community-oriented feel. Wesabe is also a great fee online budgeting tool for Canadian users.
  4. Quicken.Intuit.com – A trusted name that’s taken its tried and true model online. Try it now for free!

Top 3 Personal Finance Blogs

Personal finance blogs give us the nuggets of wisdom and inspiration we need to stay on the fiscal straight and narrow. These rank in the second slot of our top 10 financial budget web sites because they often offer great new ideas as well as tips that have helped people save money for centuries.

  1. The Simple Dollar – One of the most popular personal finance blogs in existence. Great voice and a very down-to-earth set of advice from a bookish, frugal personal financier.
  2. Get Rich Slowly – Does away with the time-wasting silliness of “get rich quick” schemes and instead focuses on the merits of building the fundamentals of personal finance.
  3. The Consumerist – Not chock full of as many budget planning tips as the others, but it’s greatly cathartic for anyone who’s been ticked off by retailers or financial institutions.

Top 3 Credit Card Blogs

Credit card debt is one of the bigger problems plaguing most consumers struggling with their finances. These three sites make it into the “last but not least” section of our top 10 financial budget websites because of the insightful tips and warnings they give about the consumer credit industry.

  1. Ask Mr. Credit Card – Frequently updated with lots of news and reviews about credit cards.
  2. Master Your Card – A down-to-earth credit card blog that offers a guide to getting the most from credit card offers and keeping an eye on the nasty tricks that lenders like to pull.
  3. Bankrate.com – Offers great insider advice and reporting as well as powerful budget calculators and credit card calculators.

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