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time   Wednesday, March 23, 2016 04:36
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Testoviron: an Athlete’s Ally

Testoviron is an anabolic steroid and most widely used ester among athletes. This injectable testosterone is very effective in building mass and strength even if taken for just a short time only. It also works great with other steroids such as Proviron, Nolvadex and Arimidex.

One variation, the Testoviron depot, may take up to three weeks to get results. On the other hand, weekly injections produce fast results for bodybuilders, weightlifters and power lifters. Although users will Testoviron bottleexperience some water retention, this can be easily controlled using anti-aromatizing products.

Testoviron is made from two types of testosterone: one is short propionate ester, while the other is long Enanthate ester. The esters determine the amount of time it takes before the body gets rid of the testosterone. Currently, propionate provides the shortest amount of time possible and is the easiest ester to buy in the market.

On the other hand, Enanthate is the complete opposite, taking the longest possible time before dumping the testosterone in the body. The body has enzymes called esterases that remove the ester from steroids. As a result, it extracts only the steroid molecule, separating the ester along the way.

When the esters are removed, the injected testosterone causes the muscle fibers to change in shape and size. During the process, it may also change the appearance and the amount of muscle fibers in the body.

Testosterone also prevents the newly improved muscles from wasting the stored protein in the body. In fact, it tells the muscle cells to store more protein like actin and myosin, which helps the muscle contract.

This steroid also helps produce more red blood cells in the kidney. This brings more oxygenated blood to the muscles, giving the body more enduring power. Additionally, the increased red blood cell count shortens the body’s recovery time against exhausting physical activities.

The long ester content of Testoviron means the person needs to inject it less frequently, while its propionate content triggers very little side effects like bloating. This balanced combination makes Testoviron a great product to use in conjunction with other anabolic steroids.

Similar to Testoviron injections, the depot variant quickly increases a person’s strength, energy and well-being in a very short recuperation time. Oftentimes, it is used when bulking up and works well with other anabolic steroids, such as Deca, Sustanon, Dianabol and Anadrol.

Athletes would get the best results on Testoviron depot that is injected once a week at a dosage of about 200 to 600 mg or one to three cc. Since the product only needs to be used once every seven days, it is very convenient and effective for users.

Since Testoviron contains both testosterone propionate and Enanthate, doubling or tripling the dose during the first two weeks streamlines the growth in muscles and mass. During this period, the propionate quickly increases the testosterone level of the body, while the Enanthate ester evens it out afterwards.

Testoviron is one of the most demanded steroid products today, primarily because it is much harder to find than single-estered products and very cost-effective. For those who desire to achieve muscle growth quickly, this is the way to go.