• Carrie and Danielle

Style Statement

“Meet your style shrinks…Are you Natural Simplicity or Enduring Bold?… A powerful experience.” – The Globe & Mail

“Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte redefine the concept of style. [They] approach the topic from an inquisitive role—a happy departure for the “wear this” dictates we often get from the fashion industry.” – Body + Soul Magazine

Your Style Statement is the two words that define the true you. It’s a touchstone for making more powerful choices in your life – from your wardrobe to your living room, your relationships to your career plans. Your Style Statement is where your essence meets your expression.

Based on the 80/20 principle, the first word represents your foundation, the 80% your essence. The second word is your creative edge, your distinction – it’s the 20% that makes all the difference in being your whole self.

There are two ways to discover your Style Statement: Through a one-on-one consultation with Carrie or Danielle, or on your own (or a reading group!) with the Style Statement book. We also offer coaching sessions to help you complete the D-I-Y process of the book, and to help you apply your Style Statement to your life.

“Where do I begin…how can I thank you for giving me such an amazing Style Statement! It is so spot on! Those two words so encompass who and what I am… I am so humbled and honored that you could read my soul.” – Sara Gori, Sensual Heritage

“I’ve had my Style Statement for a while now…it is a great celebration and affirmation of my moxie…but perhaps the greatest gift it offers is support when I’m ‘off the rails’. It’s a fantastic tool to have at my disposal to get back on track. THANK YOU.” – Natasha Laskos, Composed Enriching

“After letting my two words soak in for a few days – many things have really hit home…the best place to be. I was a little taken back how they resonated and how accurate they were. It was not only a material learning experience but a new affirmed level of realization and awareness…” – Steve Harvey, Creative Faith

Authenticity is magnetic.

The definition of style is “the way in which something is said, done, expressed, or performed. A quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one’s actions and tastes.” As a focal point of the true you, your Style Statement is a constant reminder of what lights your fire and how you can bring more of that into your life. Confusion costs energy, time, and money. Authenticity creates consistency, ease, and momentum. With your Style Statement as a grounding rod, you’ll have far fewer “What was I thinking?” moments.

Communicating who you are in all you do is very powerful stuff. When you intentionally design your life, you walk taller and think more clearly—and the world responds accordingly.

It all begins with asking the right questions…

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