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time   Wednesday, March 23, 2016 04:31
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Steroids: What for?

Why do people use steroids? Who uses steroids?

In this modern times, with the onset and development of all kinds of technology and the availability of its information and resources with just a click of a finger, people from all walks of life can access with anything and everything, legal and illegal, to all things that might be of interest to them, like steroids.steroids needle

Like any other revolutionary drug or medical technology offering therapeutic relief, treatment, and/or beauty enhancement schemes to people who simply wants to look good, the use of steroids is an option, thou creating controversies because of its side effects to people who misuse and abuse said compound.

The familiar users of steroids are usually involved in bodybuilding, body shaping, weightlifting and some other sports requiring physical strength and endurance such as wrestling, athletics, soccer and the like.

Steroids were developed primarily to promote energy, better well-being, and restoration of sexual capacity to mature and aging men. Later, it was discovered that steroids facilitate build up of muscles and tissues, which led first the weightlifters and bodybuilders, followed by other athletes, to use the compound. These practices brought negative impression to the sports field as taking up this compounds give a sportsperson an unjust advantage over other competitors affecting the result of sports competition.

However, there is information on the usage of steroids, not only of sports enthusiast, but also of regular people who just wanted a change in their life and sought these changes to be drastic, that these compounds are misused.

Steroids can be administered orally, in gels or creams, and by injection. Most often, steroids when abused will lead to health problems. Health risks related to the usage of steroids often times are results of over dosage level and the extent of utilization by the user. The use of different types and combinations of steroids with the belief of producing a more positive result is also one of the misconceptions in using steroids.

Steroids are characteristically safe when medically prescribed and administered. Doctors consider the medical state of the patient, the age and severity of the patient’s condition before giving prescriptions on the dosage.

Medically, steroids can legitimately be taken for treating young males with malfunction on pituitary glands when they have reached the fitting puberty age. In certain kinds of cancer and cases of surgery where muscle tissues were loss, steroids are administered to repair and build up the muscle tissues. The treatment of testicular cancer in males wherein testes are removed, steroids are given to substitute the testosterone normally produced in their bodies. High doses of steroids are given to women who underwent transsexual operation and wanting to be lastingly masculine.

In finality, the use of steroids is sometimes abused than having its benefits. Because of the natural crave of man to be competitive even at a younger age; they believe that they could get this from a bottle or syringe of steroids. They don’t realize that usage of steroids will offer them a whole lot more from what they have hoped for.