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time   Wednesday, March 23, 2016 04:20
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Steroids Charmed Celebrities As Well

Athletes using steroids to increase their performance level during the games is a conventional issue; and it will not be too long, the use of steroid will also be conventional for celebrities. Times Union reported last January of this year that the use of steroids worldwide has already reached an approximate number of $10 billion. This time, the immense pervasiveness of steroids in United States is illustrated by reaching the entertainment industry as well. 50 cent rapper steroids

One of the hottest and latest issues today in entertainment industry concerning to steroids is the involvement of R&B music idol Mary J. Blige, together with rap artists Wyclef Jean, Timbaland, 50 Cent, and award-wining producer and author Tyler Perry. These prominent personalities in entertainment industry have appeared in an Albany-based investigation of steroids trafficking. Reports said that these stars are among the many people who use and receive ordered shipment of steroids including the injectable human growth hormone in current years. 

Steroids for Celebrities: Not Surprising

The report written by Brendan J. Lyons in Times Union claimed that celebrities using steroids is no longer new. This can be reflected in the case of Sylvester Stallone a year ago wherein he paid an amount of $2,975 in Australia as a fine to patch up his criminal charges. He was discovered to carry illegally possessed vials of steroids including human growth hormone during custom inspection of his baggage.

Australian Associated Press said Stallone claimed he is using the drugs to slow down his pituitary gland’s production for growth hormone. He also added that the drug is also intended for the grueling training he has completed after years of making movies.

Steroids as an Anti-Aging Regimen

An  Associate Professor of Medicine at Boston University Medical Center and an Internist, Dr. Thomas Perls, said numbers of people are injecting themselves with steroids including growth hormone for anti-aging purposes. This is the very reason why steroid is claimed to be performance enhancing, he added. Taking steroid then increases the potential for a higher level of performance both in sport and entertainment.

Dr. Alvin M. Matsumoto of Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System and University of Washington also stated why celebrities are charmed to use steroids. He explained that both the anabolic steroids and human growth hormone can give an immediate and eminent result in entertainers as in athletes, which is to increase muscle and decrease fat tissue.
“If you take it in excessive amounts, it will stimulate a lot of soft-tissue growth and make the jaws larger,” Dr. Matsumoto claimed. He also added that there can be numerous manifestations of organ enlargements such as the heart and the liver. “Essentially, all tissues are enlarged due to the stimulation of growth hormone,” he clarified.
Use of Steroids Fulfilled Celebrities

Apart from Blige and her contemporaries, there are already several entertainers who are believed to use steroids. featured some of these celebrities who were fulfilled by steroids. Madonna is the sole woman in the list, everybody knows this pretty lady who exhibits unbelievable muscular biceps at her age. Next in line is Christian Bale, his appearance in The Machinist is unforgettable as he appeared like a clear skeleton; surprisingly, he took the role of Batman six months after with bulk up muscles. Next is Edward Norton, this celebrity has shaken the Hollywood as he performed the role of a supple accused murderer in Primal Fear; then, he was next seen in American History X packed with mighty muscles like of superman. And lastly, Charlie Sheen, this lad is the former skinny agent in Wall Street who abruptly transformed into a muscle-bound man when he played the parody role of Rambo in Hot Shots.

Apparently, the bottom line of celebrities’ involvement to steroids is to significantly preserve and enhance the marketing of their image. It is given that the body of these entertainers serves as their brand to maintain an awesome image—an image that depicts machismo and youthfulness.