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Start Living Again: Weighing In – Part Two

Body, Style, Weight loss | November 10th, 2008 No comments

I always thought the life of my dreams would start once I learned to manage my weight and eating habits. I felt as though if I could get those under control, once and for all, my life could really begin. There were certainly times that my weight was within what I believed was my ideal range, but I was never really able to get on with the living of my dreams because I was too busy standing guard over the size of my thighs.

Waiting to Be Perfect

So, even though I was quite thin at different parts of my journey, I never fully let go and began truly living. I kept waiting to be perfect. Kept waiting to never again have an inclination to overeat. (It never occurred to me that nearly everyone on the planet has the urge to overeat, at least on occasion. Hello Thanksgiving.) On my best days I lived cautiously, but always a guard was up somewhere or the other keeping watch.

The Good Life

It began slowly occurring to me over time that I was missing out on, well, all of the good parts of life. I am not sure if dieting tricked me into believing my happiness was later or I picked up that up somewhere along the road before all of this began. It matters not the why. What does matter is that I realized I needed to begin living. Really living. What matters is that I realized that the times in my life where my weight actually seemed to take care of itself, were the times I was more focused on life than my weight. Now it was starting to get good.

I have realized this truth: the more time and energy I put into having a meaningful and engaged life TODAY, the happier I am today and tomorrow. It seems no coincidence that it has also been the easiest way I have ever lost weight, because my mind was off the “problem.”

Stop Beating Yourself Up

When you are focused on your strengths, passions, and dreams instead of the task of nitpicking yourself to death, it seems that the weight can work itself out with little assistance. The true thrill becomes that you get to live your dreams now. You get to be one of the lucky ones who actually enjoys the now. And though it seems scary to give up the guard and live your dreams, but it is a worthy endeavor if there ever was one.

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