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time   Wednesday, March 23, 2016 04:22
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Side Effects of Steroids: The Myths and Facts

The question on how safe steroids are still a debatable issue. Those who are against this supplement would definitely argue that steroids are not safe. They say that users would suffer side effects. That constant use will damage body organs and so on. If you will ask them, they have a long list of the negative effects of steroid. But are those side effects validated by experts or just generalization of the product? Or the products were given a bad reputation by other people using it thru illegal means.sideeffects

What is the truth about steroids? Is it really not safe to use or these accusations are just based on unfounded claims by some people.  We agree on the issue of the illegal use and abuse of this supplement. Drugs and other medicine or even foods that we eat may really cause side effects to our body if taken too much. The worst effects may lead to other diseases and complications. Too much intake of some medicines, prescription or non-prescription drugs could lead to addiction. And that’s the truth about it. But how about using it properly? Will you experience side effects as other people claim? The answer is a big NO! Steroids are safe, if taken properly specially if prescribed by a medical expert. Steroids will never give you any complications. Some experts even say that steroids can save lives especially in people with kidney problems. Use them as directed. Never abuse the use of steroids. Improper intake of this drug should be avoided. So a person or individual who would like to take steroids should always bear in mind that abuse will lead to some negative consequences. A fully informed and educated user will never experience side effects of this drug.

The function of steroids is to help the need of its user. Some people take steroids to help them excel in sports. This is noted in several types of sports such as baseball, rugby, football and track and field. The use of this drug in bodybuilding and weightlifting is still popular. It helps an individual to gain body mass at a higher pace. It may also be for medical reasons or to help a better physique or figure. The use of steroids is also increasing in the field of medicine. Some noted developments are the use of steroids in cancer treatment, hormone therapy, and bells palsy to name a few. Whatever reasons you have for using steroids, always remember to use it in moderation and ONLY when NEEDED. In that case, side effects will be eliminated and prevented. Be a responsible user!