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Prep your guest room for visitors

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Guest Room at Mom & Dad's HousePlanning on hosting guests soon? While you’re adding things to your list of things to do to get ready for their arrival, make sure to include creating a lovely space for your visitors. Even if it’s just a night or two, this will be like a mini vacation for your guests. Make it a memorable event with a just a little bit of time and creativity!

Make a good first impression

Walk from the front of your house or apartment to the guest room, noticing everything you see, because that’s what your guests will see. Clear away clutter, sweep, vacuum, rearrange and generally make the way to the guestroom bright and festive. Even simple things like sweeping the porch and putting down a holiday doormat will add some cheer.

De-clutter the guest room

Take the minimalist approach to the guest room. Remove and store everything that your guests won’t need. Guest rooms often become storage space in a house. Your guests will appreciate not having to look at the old exercise bike and your pile of sewing projects while they stay with you.

The more your guests can spread out in the guest room, the more comfortable they’ll feel. They will have their own luggage, coats, shoes and accessories. Make space for them and their things. Some people can live out of their suitcases; others like to hang things up and use dresser drawers. Don’t force them to live your way while staying with you. Give them options by creating an inviting and welcoming space.


Replace the bed linens with freshly laundered sheets, blankets and comforters. Unused linens that have been on the bed for months won’t smell fresh. Buy some bedding sets that are only used when guests come to stay. They will look newer and feel more welcoming than a set of well-worn sheets.

Have washcloths, hand towels and bath towels available in the room, especially if there’s no private bathroom in the guestroom. You don’t want your guests to have to search through cabinets to find towels when they need them.


Cleaning is key in this room. You don’t want to make the place look and smell like a hospital, but it should be bright and clean-smelling. Put away all of the things that you normally leave out.
Guest Room Towel (2283704709)
Take the time to check your plumbing and replace any worn or corroded components. Your toilet and sink may have gate valves for turning off the flow of water; if you replace those with ball valves, you won’t be losing any functionality — you don’t use them to adjust water pressure — and you’ll reduce the chance that your valve will break. You don’t want your guests waking up to a flooded bathroom, after all.

A few decorations will make this a pleasant place for your guests.

Lighten up

Replace any burned out light bulbs throughout the house, especially in the guest room and bathroom. You may not have noticed how some lights have grown dimmer over time. A well-lit home is a welcome feature as your guests navigate through the house.

Create some accents around the house with holiday lights wrapped around ordinary objects such as bed posts, mirrors or picture frames, creating a festive mood. A little can go a long way. A few lights creatively placed makes your home pleasant and inviting for guests.

There are many ways to prepare for guests. The goal is to make them feel welcome and comfortable. Clean well, add a little decoration and open up your space for people to move around. You’ll enhance your guests’ visit with just a little time and preparation.

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