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Going Green

Going Green

Practical Application of Sustainability Planning

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Global warming today has turned into a mainstream issue. The world today has turned to become a resource-constrained world where every renewable resource is being used at a pace that nature can not match to replenish it. With that said, there is still one question that still confuses and bewilders people – what exactly is sustainable planning and development? Why are people worried about issues of climate change, energy shortage, and environment pollution? Why is everyone talking and insisting on sustainable development?

In a nutshell, effective sustainability planning expects one to know where they are, so that they can be able to decide where they would rather be and of course device the means to not only get their way there but also communicate effectively. Sustainability is mostly defined as a balance between the economy, the environment, and the social equity. However, many sustainability planners will only embrace the ‘sustainability balance’ concept that only favors the economy. It is however important to note that this risks sacrificing the social equity and the environment in the name of sustainable economic development.

Even though the sustainability planning profession lost credibility a while ago, the recent past has seen a heightened concern on environmental planning as ‘sustainability’ has now become the keyword to denote the far-reaching environmental concerns as well as their right responses. Striving for sustainability therefore has become a defining principle of a viable and practical planning practice. An effective sustainability plan is one that vividly describes that the answer to a more sustainable environment should start at the ‘micro-level’, the people at the grassroots level as they are the ones using up the spoils of nature to continuously urbanize.

As such, the solution to a sustainable environment should start with the way the people build, create and remodel the towns, homes, and cities. Sustainability planning ensures that all green development initiatives are the key and the first level option for a sustainable development. Sustainable solutions to sustainability planning are needed which ought to be long-term policies which are all-pervading and participated by all concerned parties i.e. the people, societies, and of course the government.

Sustainable development, as defined by an effective sustainability planning, and which has to be reflected by the end of it all is that is a kind of development that meets the present day needs without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet the same needs, or those that may arise then. Practically, because we use the environment for economic and social purposes, we all need to decide whether the existing trade-off between the economic and environment will be beneficial to us in future as well as to our future generation. This is what effective sustainability planning entails.

In a nutshell, what sustainability solutions advocate for is for that you opt to use wood for construction and destroy all forests or the other alternative would be to use healthier options that will help the economy grow while at the same time keep the planet safe and secure for the future generations to find something for building their homes with.

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