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Weapons of Ass Reduction: Two fat tips for weight loss

Fitness, Health & Wellness, Nutrition, Weight loss | July 8th, 2008 2 Comments

People often ask me, “How do you stay so slim and fabulous-looking?” And I say…nothing, because that’s a total lie.

People don’t, in fact, ask me that question, but since I got whistled at on the street last week, I feel imminently qualified to dispense dietary advise. Yes, I have let it Go To My Head. The last time I got whistled at was 1994, so you can understand why the novelty of it has made me think that I now hold the key to my own arsenal of knowledge I like to call: Weapons of Ass Reduction.

I do pay attention to what I eat, and I am at a body weight that makes me feel comfortable in my skin. This is inarguable because I gave up sugar.


Eat in Reverse

People in my corporate job would often comment on the “weirdness” of my breakfasts. (Of course here in the studio, there is blind acceptance of anything out of the ordinary, and usually respectful inquiries about the rationale behind these personal choices.) What caused the fuss was the fact that I eat dinner for breakfast. If I have it my way, which I often don’t, I eat breakfast for dinner. Nothing makes me as happy as a plate of spaghetti bolognaise for breakfast, and some eggs or a bowl of cereal for dinner.

And why not? Who says we *have to* do it the other way ’round? The people who snickered over my breakfasts at work, were invariably suffering through some fad diet where they couldn’t eat anything that cast a shadow, and they were therefore miserable.

Eat to Lose

Eating something substantial first thing in the morning isn’t for everyone. But it works for me (and I got whistled at so clearly, I’m an expert!) I scarf down proteins, carbs and anything else that tickles my fancy (provided it has no refined sugar). The magic ingredient here is protein. A bowl of cereal isn’t going to cut it for me. And don’t even get me started on muffins…

It makes sense to me to start off with your biggest meal, and gradually decrease. That way, you’re better prepped for a good night’s sleep (unless you’re starving…in that case, my expert opinion is that you should eat something.)

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