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Is there life without Oatmeal and Caffeine?

General, Health & Wellness, Nutrition | November 21st, 2008 3 Comments

When Carrie told us about Bob’s steel cut oats for breakfast, I went out and bought a package. I love oatmeal, I think of it as the ultimate comfort food. And yet in my case it may be a shadow comfort. I wanted to feel virtuous that I was putting good food into my body. And yet, despite the fact that I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I have noticed that when I start my day with comfort food breakfast (bagels, muffins and croissants all fit the category for me) I tend to keep eating in unhealthy ways through out the day.

The mind-body connection is pretty powerful

I am not prescribing anything and, I wish you many happy mornings waking up to oatmeal, but as I struggled to button my favorite jeans, I thought (for a split second) of taking up Karryn Ransom’s idea to eat in reverse. And yet, I worried that cereal at night was going to make me feel too full and bloated for my 5:30 am strength training class. So I went back to my Isagenix diet which offers me a protein shake in the morning and night, and a balanced meal for lunch. I no longer crave caffeine in the morning, and I have much more energy for my morning workout (not to mention connecting with my husband after 8 p.m.). Most significantly, having been in a little bit of a slump recently, I am much more optimistic about everything.

Here’s hoping that reflection is possible without caffeine

Now here is the downside – my body is doing great, but some hidden part of my psyche is longing to sit with a mug of coffee and sink into myself. Longing may be too mild for the obsessive way in which I reminisce about sitting in sun-lit coffee shops and kitchens knowing that all was right with the world because I had my cuppa joe. Chances are I need to take time in every day and find an alternative to the reflective time, I used to have, that seemed so bound up with caffeine.

Did you give up coffee in the morning? Are you struggling to? Let’s support each other. Tell me your story.

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