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Individual Twist: Carrie’s “You Look Great!” Fashion Tip

Fashion, Fashion tips, Style | July 29th, 2008 No comments

I am starting a weekly fashion column called “You Look Great!” I learn from people who…look great. Style matters. Style teaches. Be curious.
At one of our pilot Style Statement workshops (stay tuned! we’ve got lot’s in the works!) Kelly showed up looking chic and confident.

Why she looks great:

1. Nothing is too bulky. Clean line from top to bottom; narrow trousers, light feminine cotton camisole and fitted H&M jacket creates a seamless look.

2. Color palette is similar hues. Muted grey and black works with the softness of off white and cream.

3. She has an individual twist. Her hair is twisted into small pin curls – it shows she has a personal edge. Her shoes are sexy – and comfortable – she doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard.

4. She LOOKS comfortable. What she’s wearing doesn’t get in the way of her life. She could pick up groceries and her kids in this outfit. When someone looks comfortable with themselves that radiates confidence…and that always looks great!

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