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Ideas for an Outdoor Living Space You’ll Never Want to Leave

Home & Garden | May 16th, 2013 No comments


Spring weather unlocks an urge in most people to get outside by whatever means necessary after a winter of being cooped up. Standing outside and enjoying the sun is pleasant, but you definitely don’t need to stop there. Invest some time and money this year into projects that will create a beautiful and welcoming outdoor living space for you, your family and your friends to enjoy throughout the whole warm weather season.

1. Set up Several Seating Options: A patio table with chairs is perfect for outdoor dining, but it may not be what you want when you head out to relax with a cold drink. Set up several seating areas for activities like eating, sunbathing, reading or having a conversation with a good friend.

2. Create a Peaceful Atmosphere with a Water Feature: The sound of running water is incredibly relaxing and turns your outdoor living space into a miniature oasis. When adding a water feature to your backyard, choose one that’s sized appropriately and that you are confident will maintain throughout its life span.

3. Heat it up with a Fire Pit: Although you may not want to use it in the middle of the day in the heat of the summer, a fire pit is just what you need on chilly evenings. Construct a built-in stone fire pit or purchase a metal one for warming up your gatherings and of course, grilling s’mores.

4. Create a Focal Point: Consider how you are most likely to use your yard and set everything up around this as the focal point. It may be an outdoor kitchen for cooking, a quiet bench for sitting with your loved one or an outdoor bar for hosting larger parties throughout the summer.

5. Accent Your Walls: Just as you would hang pictures indoors, don’t forget about the opportunity to decorate an outdoor space with wall hangings. Choose metal or durable plastic decorations to protect them from the weather, or just plant some climbing plants to decorate naturally.

6. Use Color Boldly: Color can quickly overwhelm a small space indoors but when taken outside it’s a whole different story. Don’t be afraid to mix and match bold colors in your furniture and decor, and to coordinate with the plants and flowers you already have in your yard.

7. Add Mood Lighting: You clearly won’t need additional lights during the day but especially once the weather warms up you’ll find the evenings and nights are the most comfortable time to be outside. Rather than letting a bare bulb ruin the atmosphere you’ve created, hang strings of lights, install track lighting or turn to classy outdoor lamps to decorate and light your space.

Planning is the key to creating an outdoor space with a unified look that fits your needs and space. You may end up with clutter if you dig in before making a plan, so sit down with the rest of your household and talk about how you want to use the space. Once you have collaborated to create a design for your backyard, dig in on the projects and get ready for summer.

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