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How to make your garage more efficient

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Efficiency is a valued attribute in any home, but the garage too often goes overlooked. Many homeowners use it as a catch-all for their unwanted clutter and fail to take advantage of its functionality.

But no more. Homeowners are increasingly finding savvy solutions for many problems that typically plague garages, in effect creating a space that is more efficient and more integrated with the rest of the home. Read on for some tips about how you can revitalize your garage in short order and increase its value in your daily life.

Installing overhead storage

One way to take advantage of your garage: Make use of the room’s high ceilings. Whether you install an elaborate walk-up storage space or simply anchor storage containers to the ceiling, make use of this space to lighten the load on your garage shelves and create the illusion of less storage. For ceiling-anchored storage solutions, a number of simple blueprints are available online and can be installed by the average handyman, and at a nominal cost.

Insulating your garage

Most garages aren’t insulated and change in temperature according to the seasons. Unfortunately, that makes it tough to use the space for storage of items requiring controlled temperatures. In some cases, a garage can be inhospitable to certain fluids, cleaners and other devices that melt, explode or catch on fire at high temperatures.

Insulating the garage can make it much more functional and accommodating to a wider range of stored belongings. Once it’s insulated, it will be worth your time to make sure it’s serviced by your home’s heating and air conditioning. If you are familiar with insulation, you might be fine performing this improvement on your own. Otherwise it’s wise to entrust the project to a home professional.

Embracing automatic door openers

Most garages now have automatic garage door openers that make it easy to get in and out of your garage, but if you haven’t installed this feature then it’s time to catch up with the modern day. Automatic door openers can take a bit of handiwork if you want them to perform well over time, so it might be worth your while to have a professional come install the opener. Not only do you need the mechanical functions to hold up, but the sensors installed at the corners of the garage door need to be aligned precisely.

Invest in a storage shed

If your garage is overflowing for a lack of space, a storage shed can be a great investment to cut down on your garage’s clutter. A shed can store larger items such as bicycles, motorcycles, sleds and other items that aren’t regularly used or needed in your garage. You can also purchase space in a public storage space for items that are in your garage primarily as storage or that are only used sparingly, such as a boat.

Storage spaces can cost less per month than filling your car with gas, so it’s a worthwhile investment if it clears out your garage. Meanwhile, a storage shed can be built on your own, but it requires a bit of construction savvy if you want it to hold up over time.

Whether you do it yourself or outsource to a professional, it doesn’t take a ton of renovation work to reinvent your garage as a more efficient space. The key to becoming more efficient is identifying your most pressing needs and seeking out solutions to address your shortcomings. Whether that’s freeing up space or improving the structure itself, make sure your improvements are upgrading your garage’s value in regards to how you prefer to use it.

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