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Givin’ and Gettin’: How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever, A Book Review

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What if you could close your eyes, wish for money and have it appear? Would you do it?

How about if you could close your eyes, wish for money, but knew that it would only appear if you gave away part of what you already had? Could you do it then? Even if all you had left was $20?

When I fell below my last $20, a boyfriend got tired of watching me flounder and forced me to read How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever, by Victor Boc. I say forced, but really what he did was seduce me into reading it. He was mysterious about his success and I resisted. “Please,” I thought, “read a self-help book to get me out of debt? My debt is too deep and far and wide for a book. My debt is historical. It’s class-driven. It’s in my blood and my constitution, you keep your silly book. I’ll keep looking for a better job.”

But he persisted. He grew up in the projects in the Bronx, and he was doing fine.


“What do you want?” he’d ask me, all sexy, like he had asked me a lot of other things.

“I want to be successful,” I’d say.

“Sure, but what do you WANT? What does your success look like? Can you describe it? Can you see what it looks like?”

I wanted to be successful with him, so I told him about the scripts that I wanted to get paid for writing. The debts I would pay off one by one. The computer I would buy, and most of all, the roof I needed over my head; I didn’t have a home at the time. We wrote it all down in a list.

Then he said, “Let’s go shopping. I have some gift credits.”

“Gift credits?” I was overwhelmed by his offer, because doing-fine or not, he was very careful about his money flow.

“It’s the other step of the book,” he said. “Now that you know what you want, you begin to practice giving away part of your income. It’s called ‘Glad Giving.’ ”

“And you’re gladly buying me these gorgeous jeans.”

“It works.”

Wearing the jeans, I logged on to www.FlowOfMoney.com, and downloaded How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever.

It worked.

Six months later, my life looked completely different. I had an income. I was dreaming. I was planning my future and being who I wanted to be in the world…I could finally access my creativity now that it wasn’t pinned under the stress of debt. I found a place to live, I earned exactly the salary I had written on my wish list, I owned the new fancy laptop I wanted, and was well on my way to paying off each of my debts.

AND I now give away more money than I ever thought my limp wallet could muster. I tip baristas, I give to charities, I slip cash into friends’ pockets. And still, I have more money than I’ve ever had.


How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever is a classic by now, but still is relatively little known in the sea of media that teaches Law of Attraction and spiritual success in the realm of material gain. In it, Victor Boc presents a method that seems almost too simple, “to create a positive flow of money into your life.” Distilled, it involves 1) establishing with absolute clarity what you desire, and 2) systematically giving away a portion of what you have.

This last step is the magic in the mix. If you’re used to holding on tight to what you own for fear that it won’t last long, this is the step that teaches you there is always enough. The practice of giving a set portion of your income—that you can afford—is what loosens your grip on the flow of money through your life. When you release the constriction, there is more room for it to flow in. When you let money out, consciously and purposefully, you are allowing it in.

If you try it, you’ll notice Boc’s method works for attracting love and health, inspiring pleasure, building relationship, and enlivening career, too. Envisioning what you want and then giving of the thing you desire helps you manifest anything you want in the world. The book lists all kinds of great ideas you may not have considered yet.

Can you imagine the effect on the world if everyone gave away a portion of what they received? Can you imagine our communities thriving from a constant cross-pollination of talents and funds and inspirations? Can you imagine trading the fear of loss and deficit for the ease and grace of abundance? That is powerful generating.

Still sound scary? It works. Last week I started to obsess about income after having quit my job. So I opened my wallet, took out a credit card, and gave $50 to my favorite charity online. I felt better. Two days later, I received a $500 check from a new income stream I had not accounted for.

A few weeks ago, Carrie and Danielle asked: How would you spend your last $20? I would buy this book.

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