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Free Offline Budgeting Planners

Money, Tools for budgeting, Wealth | February 27th, 2010 3 Comments

These days, it seems like everyone is putting everything online. Pictures, poems, home videos, inner most thoughts and fears. But one thing you may not be comfortable publishing on the Web is your financial data. If so, then you should look into some free offline budgeting planners. Free offline budgeting planners offer much of the flexibility and power of online budgeting planners but with a bit more security.

Free offline budgeting planners work in a couple of different ways. The most common type of free offline budgeting planners is the simple spreadsheet. These spreadsheets work like any financial spreadsheet for budgeting. You can print them off and fill them in and do the calculations yourself. Or you can save your free offline budgeting planners on your hard drive and update it there. The latter solution is a bit more advantageous because it allows you to use the built-in budgeting calculator software. These are often integrated into the spreadsheet itself. This means you can update your free offline budgeting planners with projected incomes, adjusted incomes or changing expenses and have all the formulas and calculations updated as well. This saves you from a lot of labor when it comes to erasing figures, whiting out errors and changing total figures and sums.

One way to get quick data on all your credit card accounts and savings accounts is to download your transactions directly from your bank’s website. Most banks that offer online portals will let you log in and then download your information in a spreadsheet form. This can then be copied and pasted into your current free offline budgeting planners.

Another great way to keep track of your finances with free offline budgeting planners is with mobile applications. There are scores of iPhone apps and other cell phone applications that let you track your spending and create budgets. These can either be linked to your online budgeting planner or simply saved in a document that can only be accessed locally.

When looking for free offline budgeting planners, consider some of these popular sources:

Living a Better Life free offline budgeting planners. These planners and worksheets help you track your finances and set your financial goals.

Google Docs free offline budgeting planners. These Google Doc spreadsheets can be used online so you can access your information online from wherever you are or they can be downloaded to be used when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Vertex42 free offline budgeting planners. Vertex42 is one of the most popular providers of free offline budgeting planners that can be used with Microsoft Excel. You can do everything from paying off debt to planning your retirement goals.

Free offline budgeting planners are a powerful tool for organizing your finances and meeting your personal goals for saving. Free offline budgeting planners are not quite as functional and connected as online budgeting planners, but you do get the most valuable aspect of the software, which is a more organized, more efficient way of keeping track of your spending and income.

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