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Family-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

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You don’t need be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day, nor do you need to be Catholic to celebrate this holiday begun in honor of a Catholic saint. St. Patrick’s Day is a good-natured day of cheer and celebration for people around the world.

The holiday can be celebrated by children and adults in a variety of ways. Aside from the tradition of wearing at least one green piece of clothing, here are some ways your family can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Attend a St. Patrick’s Day parade. Large cities like Chicago, Detroit and Boston all host celebrations unique to their urban culture; New York City hosts the largest of these events, with approximately 2 million revelers in attendance every year. Those who live in smaller towns can also attend local parades complete with floats, marching bands, beauty pageant queens and community leaders. Smaller parades often feature a children’s section where little ones dressed as leprechauns or other green characters can march along in celebration. Even if the event is strictly observational, your children can enjoy the pageantry and fun of a parade.
  • Go beyond a green tie or blouse for the day. Purchase St. Patrick’s Day headbands and headwraps or wide black belts with faux gold buckles. Small shamrock earrings or lapel pins might be appropriate for Mom and Dad’s workday, but you can dress head-to-toe in a leprechaun costume once you arrive home.
  • Make food preparation part of the celebration. Children can bake shamrock sugar cookies and decorate them with green glitter. A small bottle of green food dye can also transform foods like mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, vanilla pudding and even crisped rice cereal treats into festive, green dishes. Another option is to serve “naturally” green foods such as green beans, green Jell-O and green grapes.
  • Hunt for four leaf clovers to get some outside time for the kids, if possible. The winner might receive a green leprechaun hat in honor of his or her keen eyes.
  • Make potato stamps with your children to decorate a plain T-shirt or an informal white fabric tablecloth. Using only baking potatoes, a paring knife, a pen, bright green paint, a sponge brush and plain fabric, this craft idea is easy and fun for almost all ages and artistic skills.

Get creative with fun, family-friendly ways to celebrate this festive holiday. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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