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Coats, Gloves and Earrings: 4 Tips for Styling These Classic Winter Accessories

Fashion, Fashion tips | February 7th, 2013 No comments

The three most essential items for winter fashion are coats, gloves and earrings, which aren’t always as easy to style together as they seem. Coats and gloves are necessary for staying warm during this chilly season, while earrings are a non-negotiable accessory for keeping your look girly and sparkly to counter the bulk that winter clothing can add. These four fashion tips will show you how to style all three of these must-have winter fashion items into one cute and cohesive outfit for the frosty weather ahead.

1. Go for the Gold

Gold accents are a great way to tie your clothing together with your jewelry for a well-put-together look. When it comes to the three basic items of coats, gloves and earrings, you’ll want to apply this rule with gold buttons for your coat, gold zippers on your leather gloves and gold accents somewhere on your earrings. This same idea can work with a variety of different metals, just as long as they match one another for these fashion pieces.

2. Coordinate Your Colors

Colors are another way to strategically match your fashion items together, but that doesn’t mean you have to match colors exactly. Color coordination is an effective strategy for creating an aesthetically-pleasing final result that goes together without looking too awkwardly matched. For example, a navy coat would look great with dark brown leather gloves and multi-colored earrings with shades of blue and brown.

3. Tying Themes Together

Another cool way to match these three items is to tie together any fashion themes you can think of for a subtle, yet complete look. For example, if you’re planning on taking advantage of the bow glove trend this season, you can coordinate this theme by wearing cute bow earrings and a coat with a bow fixed on the back. You can also modify your old coat by wearing a gold belt with bow accents around your waist for a finishing touch.

4. Mixing Textures

A leather coat with leather gloves may seem like a logical fashion choice, but can you imagine how strange these fabrics would look together? Although matching can be a valuable concept when picking out an outfit, sometimes contrasting colors and textures produces an even more striking result. For example, a vibrantly colored wool coat would look stunning paired with chic, black leather gloves. This style contrasts both color and texture for a sharp, eye-catching look. Add the finishing touch with colorful studs for a lovely accent.

These four simple rules of pairing winter basics can apply to various additional aspects of your outfit, beyond just coats, gloves and earrings alone. Finding the perfect shoes, bag, pants and other wintertime accessories is also made easier by consulting these rules before putting it all together. Don’t forget to have a little fun with your winter wear by adding your own quirky signature for an outfit that’s totally you.

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