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Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business Blog That Works

Websites | July 16th, 2013 No comments

If you already have a small business, starting a blog can be a great way to contribute to industry conversation, find new customers or clients and increase web traffic. Whichever platform you choose for your blog, picking the right name will be a key to its success. Not sure what makes a good domain name? Check out these 5 easy tips on choosing a domain name that’s perfect for your business blog.

1. Choose a .com domain. When you’re working with a domain registration company to pick out and register your domain, it will likely have different packages and different domain extensions to choose from. It’s definitely in your best interest to choose a .com domain. A .com domain is by far the most professional and searchable of all extensions. If your first choice for a name isn’t available with a .com domain, keep working with it until you find one that is. Don’t settle for a .net or .org domain extension.

2. Keep it short and simple. The shorter, simpler and less complicated your domain name is, the easier customers will be able to recall it if they’re typing it from memory. Choose an easy to remember domain name that doesn’t include slang, misspellings, industry jargon, hyphens or dashes. Make sure to use letters that are easy to type.

3. Choose a brandable domain. Though you want to keep your domain name simple and straightforward, a boring and bland name won’t quite catch anyone’s interest. Try to be clever but sensible when choosing your domain name. Use popular suffixes and prefixes to make your own word, like Spotify. Create compound words, combine two whole words or tweak a word just slightly from its original state. If you choose to come up with a brandable name, keep it short, like YouTube or Google.

4. Include a keyword. Even if you’re not building your blog to get major SEO traffic, it’s still wise to include a keyword or two in your domain. Brainstorm your top 3-5 keywords and try to build your domain name around those. Put keywords on your list that accurately describe what your business does or what you sell. Once you have a solid list, work on arranging your top keywords with other words or prefixes until you have a domain that best describes your blog and your business.

5. Don’t be a copycat. It’s hard to think up a domain name, but you should never steal or copy one from another site. You can certainly use other domain names for inspiration, but your final domain name should be all your own. Not sure if your domain name is already taken? You can check here and find out if another company already has a copyright to the domain name you’d like to use.

Your business’s blog is a great opportunity. With a good blog, you’ll reach more potential customers, increase your web traffic and work towards becoming a reliable industry expert or thought leader. But, a good domain name is an important foundation for the growth and success of your blog. Take your time thinking about choosing a good name. Don’t rush the process, get feedback, work with a professional and keep your blog regularly updated once it’s up and running.

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