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Carrie & Danielle’s Evolved Men We Love List: From Prophets to Hunks

People | September 26th, 2008 1 Comment

Where to begin? We love men. Adore them. Really, really like them. And hey, where men fall short, women make up for it. All’s well.

Do-Gooder Hot Guys We’re Happy To Have A Slight Crush On:

  1. Mike Meyers and Deepak Chopra, for being the most unlikely and refreshing creative duo on the self-help scene (Read: Why Is God Laughing? By Chopra. Foreword written by Mike Meyers. Watch: Sundance Channel’s ICONOCLASTS – beautiful!)
  2. Barack Obama, a new voice of reason, with a truth-talkin’ first lady at his side.
  3. Elie Wiesel, for showing the world what peace, atonement and human dignity can be. (Read: Night)
  4. The Founder of Good Magazine, Ben Goldhirsh. For doing something damn good with his inheritance.
  5. TreeHugger.com founder, Graham Hill. Green looks good. Very good.
  6. The Satorialist, Scott Schuman, for finding the glamour in everyday people.
  7. Julian Schnabel, for having the kahunas to wear his jammies on the red carpet, and for making The Diving Bell and The Butterfly in French, with heartbreaking, tremendous sensitivity.
  8. Eckhart Tolle, for kicking some new age ego. (Read: A New Earth. 6 million people are on to something.)
  9. Sean Penn, for opposing the Iraq war. (Sean, we’re not sure we would have taken you back after you dyed your hair and meandered with that model – but we trust Robin’s better judgment. Peace activists can be irresistible, after all.)
  10. Charlie Rose. Charlie, man, is there any subject you aren’t well versed in? (Get: Charlie Rose, 12-Month Subscription)
  11. Dr. Oz, for asking people to take responsibility for their own health. (And looking so damn good in scrubs.)
  12. Malcolm Gladwell. You had us at The Tipping Point, Malcolm. And thank you for believing that Canada is a nation, not just a notion.
  13. Jerry Seinfeld. Jer’ we’ll excuse the Microsoft debacle because you said this in your Oprah interview: “First, bust your ass. That’s a universal law, no matter what you do. Second, pay attention. Learn from everything and everyone all the time. One of my favorite expressions is ‘Wherever you look, there’s something to see.’ Finally, fall in love. Fall in love with your street, your tennis game, a pillow.”
  14. Mr. Sydney Poitier. For going beyond race to marry for love. And for helping to make sure that Jamie Foxx doesn’t make Bootie Call 2.
  15. Paul Newman. Because Newman’s Own food line is a business-philanthropy model to which every company should aspire.
  16. Kenneth Cole, for making his medium the message.
  17. Brad Pitt & Bono, for being a) relentless well-informed do-gooders, b) family men c) sizzling hot.
  18. Mohammad Yunus, for empowerment through micro lending.
  19. Leonard Cohen, for being the dark angel and a woman-loving monk.
  20. Bobbi McFerrin, for his boombastic gospel. (Listen to: Bang! Zoom)
  21. Andre Agassi, for sportsmanship and hands-on fatherhood.
  22. Isaac Mizarahi, for making great style affordable.
  23. Tyler Brule, the founder of Wallpaper Magazine brought style in print up by many a notch.

And just because they’re intensely intense:

Daniel Craig. Even though you refused to wear tightie swim trunks in the new 007 movie, we’d fight bad guys with you any day.

Daniel Day Lewis. You’re worth the wait, you crazy thespian, you.

Know a few good men? Please add to our esteemed list.

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