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Bird Omens: What They Can Mean

Spirituality | November 6th, 2009 1 Comment

(J–I’m not sure why I am listed as the author of this piece. From the tone, it seems like a Beckah Boyd piece to me.)

Many of us take our surroundings for granted. However, I’ve always been one to treat my consciousness as if it were a dream. I love to interpret the animals, colors, and things around me and to see if there is any common thread of significance.

For instance, on February 1st of this year, my Uncle Bill died. He was a great man with a lot of quirks and a good heart. Three days before his death, my little sister had seen a large grouping of crows. Symbolically, crows are the messengers between spirit and man. But it’s also believed that to see a large grouping of crows means an impending death, typically of someone already sick or elderly. My uncle was riddled with cancers. So when my little sister saw the crows, we thought of all the people we knew, and the only person we could think of at risk of death was my uncle.

For thousands of years, cultures have used birds as omens. The Greeks thought it was important to understand their meanings. They believed that some members in their pantheons took on the guise of winged creatures. So I encourage you to take a look at the birds around you. I offer a list of different birds and their significance.

Blackbird: Blessings will soon fall upon you.

Bluebird: You’ll enter a time of happiness.

Corncrake: This is a warning of misfortune to come.

Crane: An argument will soon come to rest.

Crow: Divine law.

Curlew: There is an impending storm.

Dove: Luck in love and a time of peace and wealth.

Duck: Generally good luck and prosperity.

Eagle: You are protected by the gods. To see an eagle is to be touched by God.

Flamingo: Lies will become known; you will become aware of a betrayal.

Goose: Faithfulness, communication, and travel.

Gull: Do not worry about any of the situations around you. You will adapt easily.

Hawk: If you are in a messed-up situation, look beyond the surface. There are deeper issues not being discussed that will bring peace once confronted.

Hen: Predictors of weather. If they go out during the rain it will last most of the day. If they run for shelter, it will be a short rain. If they gather and clean themselves, rain is coming.

Hummingbird: A wish will come true or a miracle will happen.

Lark: A time of happiness is coming. You will feel content in all things.

Loon: You will spend some extra time alone. This is not a negative sign but rather a positive one as it is causing you to be introspective about your path and place in life.

Magpie: One–bad luck. Two–good luck. Three–marriage. Four–a birth.

Owl: You will soon gain a kernel of wisdom or spiritual insight. If an owl continues to hoot outside of your home, it means illness will fall upon you.

Parrot: Warns you not to try to mimic your friends or be ostentatious, but speak your mind.

Peacock: Beware of your pride and vanity. They may get in the way of making connections or healing a situation.

Pelican: Pay close attention to people around you. There may be trouble brewing.

Pheasant: You are approaching a time when you will feel very positive and confident.

Raven: If one sits outside your window and caws three times, someone will pass within a fortnight. If you see one traveling to the north, it means you will feel a connection to an ancestor or loved one on the other side. If it travels to the east, you will soon hear news. If it travels to the west, you will take part in an emotionally fulfilling situation. If it flies to the south, beware of your passion, as it will soon burn out.

Robin: Bringer of good luck and good weather.

Rook: Good luck is yours.

Rooster: You will be proud of an upcoming situation.

Stork: According to German folklore, if it perches on your house, you will have good luck for the next year.

Sparrow: If you are in love, then your connection with your partner will grow stronger. If you aren’t in a relationship, you will have luck finding your partner or soulmate.

Swallow: If you are on the water, then land is near. Good fortune overall.

Swan: You will come into a situation that you will handle with finesse and grace.

Turkey: A sign that you will soon give something precious away.

Vulture: Money trouble and disruptions in life.

Wagtail: Good luck.

Woodpecker: You are protected.

Wren: Bringer of good luck.

Keep an eye out for these birds, and if you can journal what birds you see and their meanings, you may see a recurring pattern. Maybe the Greeks were onto something, and the gods speak to us through birds!

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