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Best 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary, Entertaining, Home & Garden | February 17th, 2011 8 Comments

25th wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally silver, but you can think creatively when buying a gift and shop for a couple with silver in mind, but not the expense. For example, you can send a dozen roses to a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with a card that states that silver symbolizes perfection and roses symbolize love.

25th anniversary gifts can be creative and fun. Check one of these best gifts that you can give your partner.

  • Tickets to a special event enclosed in a sliver envelop are a creative way to give a couple something unique and something they will enjoy.
  • You can also give an engraved sliver platter loaded with fruit or cheeses or a gift certificate for a family portrait with a silver frame included.
  • You can put together an album with favorite photos taken throughout the years including the wedding, their children, grandchildren, friends, trips, homes. You can also include little quotes from special friends and family members wishing them a happy 25th.
  • A CD with popular songs from the 25 years of the couple’s marriage is also a good choice.
  • A quilt with family photos silk-screened in each square will be a treasured gift for any couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, as would a poem written in silver ink and framed in silver.
  • Another popular gift idea is a wish tree. Either purchase a fake tree from a craft store, or glue branches together from your yard. Spray them silver and decorate each limb with ribbons and bows and special little gifts like certificates to restaurants, weekend get-away, family photos.
  • Some of the generic gift items, which are all time favorite and can be given to your husband, wife, friends and parents on their anniversary, are fresh flowers, artificial flowers, cakes, dry-fruits boxes and chocolates.

Anniversaries are special occasions, and a 25th is truly a milestone. It’s a great time to show the couple that you know, whether it is family or friends, just how much you care.

Every one of us wants to make their anniversary special and memorable. Since wedding anniversary is a very special occasion in everyone’s life. And gifts play a vital role in anniversary celebration. Anniversary gifts can be categorized according to the person you are giving. It may be a male gift idea for your hubby or your wife or your parents or friends. Accordingly your gifts will also vary.

Marriage is an important aspect of our social life. And wedding marks the beginning of a new relationship between two people. In a wedding ceremony we all participate and bless the new couple for starting a new life. Wedding is not just a ceremony but it has much more meaning to it. It makes two people understand and love each other and decides to spend the entire life together through thick and thin. When we attain a wedding ceremony we take gifts along with us to give it to the newly wed couple. So it is important we should know what we are giving.

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